Eighteen years ago the Abstract Artists Group (AAGNE) was an idea. AAGNE was founded with a dual mission: to support, encourage and promote abstract and non-traditional artists; and to educate the public about their work.    The group fills a unique role amongst Artists’ groups in New England.

The Abstract Artists Group first group show, in 2001

Today AAGNE has grown into a vibrant and lively group of artists drawn from all over New England.  Despite a variety of backgrounds, media, approaches and styles, the artists of AAGNE are brought together by a common interest: a fascination and passion for the abstract elements in all art, for Abstract art, and art of abstraction.   AAGNE is still growing, operating under the umbrella of the Newburyport Art Association as a focused interest group.

We  present several shows a year in the New England area featuring abstract and experimental art. 

Since it was formed almost twenty years ago, the group has grown from a half dozen initial members to the current roster of over 20 painters, sculptors, collage artists and textile artists representing all levels of experience and interest.

Monthly meetings give artists a chance to  share work,  ideas, critiques and resources. We meet the first Tuesday of the month at the Newburyport Art Association.

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