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While Dr. Regina Valluzzi may be known for her scientific work in Nanotechnology and Biophysics, she has also pursued her development as an artist in tandem with her technical achievements. Even while completing double BS degrees at MIT, attaining her PhD in a highly competitive Polymer program and founding a VC funded high tech nanotechnology start-up company, Dr. Valluzzi has continued to draw and paint, and to exhibit her work to the public. In addition to some early lessons and classes taken at the Museum School of the Museum of Fine Arts (through an extremely selective MIT exchange program), Dr. Valluzzi has developed her knowledge and skill as an artist through reading, collaborations, and self-teaching.

As a trained scientist, she has also been able to conduct systematic experiments with artistic media. Paint is comprised of Polymers, and the behavior of polymers has been Dr. Valluzzi’s major field of study for over two decades. Her paintings are very much about the properties of paint and manipulation of those properties. Relief, texture, opacity, and surface finish are as integral to her work as form, composition, and subject (abstract). Color, its origins in both Physics and Psychology, and its properties is another subject that has held a long fascination for Dr. Valluzzi. Many of her paintings involve juxtapositions of colors with very low contrast or rhythmic patterns of evolving color. In others, color is intensified through careful choice of layered and nearby hues and pigments.

Dr. Valluzzi has shown in several juried exhibitions, and her work is included in private collections in the US, UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and Malta.


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