New works by Angelil, Holcroft, Maciejowski, Valluzzi


A selection of John Maciejowski’s, Muriel Angelil’s, Carol Holcroft’s and my (Regina Valluzzi’s) work is pictured in the slideshow below.  The exhibit is at 65 Water Street in Newburyport (the NEwburyport Art Association) with an opening reception the evening of the 29th of June.  Details can be found in the Press release.

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I (Regina Valluzzi) will be premiering 3 large works that have never been shown to the public before:  Canopy, Rhapsody on the Sea, and Vertical Space.  Al three are semi-Abstract which means that most people will still be able to discern familiar landscapes and landscape objects, but they aren’t “realistic”.  Realistic details have been reduced to pattern, unusual materials have been incorporated to create details, and the approach to acrylic paint is non-typical (in “Rhapsody” it’s used more like encaustic, and in “Canopy” it’s extruded like epoxy or melted plastic.  It’s all acrylic).

John Maciejowski also has new pieces where he is experimenting with techniques and approaches to painting that are not typical of his body of work, and Muriel Angelil has some new work premiering.

Carol Holcroft has several new pieces in the exhibit which she has described in more detail in a prior post “That Day”.

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