This may be a nice exhibit to apply for, if you’re in the general Fitchburg region.  I would describe a 30 mile radius around Fitchburg as “local”, but it includes parts of Northern MA and Southern NH, thus spanning 2 states (woo hoo!).

PDF link for the Call:  fitchburg regional exhibit cfe

1. The towns falling within the legible area are listed in the pdf call.

2.  May 20th deadline

3. There is an entry fee of $30 ($20 for Fitchburg art Museum members).

4.  Small ($200 and less) cash prizes

5.  Just a heads up to interested artists, this sounds like one of the many local micro museums.  Some of these tiny museums are basically just art associations with a decent building. Others are very specialized and locally focused, but also have nice buildings and exhibit spaces.  Typically these are non-accredited museums with limited permanent collections and acquisitions, and you may find yourself puzzled by the collections and curation (depends on the micro museum).   If you’re expecting a full-out big museum experience, you may be disappointed.  However, the decent buildings and spaces offered by many of these micro museums can be quite nice.  Just know what you’re getting into before you write the check (or click the PayPal).

PDF link for the Call: fitchburg regional exhibit cfe

Since in keeping with item #5, the Fitchburg museum does not tell you where to send your application (not in the pdf, not on the website), you might try the museum’s general address with an attention line like “Annual regional Arts and Crafts juried show”.   Here’s the general museum address:

Fitchburg Art Museum
25 Merriam Parkway
Fitchburg, MA 01420

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