Hello gang of abstractionists!  Anyone who has been following out meetings and meeting notes may be aware that the group has been investigating additional venues for AAGNE exhibits.  Some of these are loosey goosey ask-and-exhibit, some are fairly competitive curation proposal spaces, and some are somewhere in the middle.  List your spaces, requirements and deadlines here.  If you can’t edit the body of the post just add your venue details and call to the comments.  Someone (Ethel, Josh, Regina, etc.)  will copy them up here.

1.  Newtonville  New Art Center.  This is a strict proposal space seeking curator-driven proposals for group exhibits.  They will accommodate shows of 3 or more persons.  The deadline is March 24, materials emailed to Josh marcus or Regina Valluzzi.  If you don’t want to email your jpegs and resume, we have a shared Dropbox folder where you can drop them off (ask Josh to invite you).
You will need the following:

1.  A resume in doc format,

2.  Up to 15 good quality image jpegs, AT LEAST 2000 pixels on the longest side.  (“Resolution” is irrelevant, pixel count is the only thing that matters.)

3.  An image list with filename or number of each jpeg, work title, dimensions, media, year completed, and retail price.

4.  A short (around 1/4 page) statement is also good, but is not needed for Newton.



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