In an endeavor to extend the reach of our annual show, we’ve decided to bring some of it to our blog. Over the course of several weeks, we’ll introduce you to our members and show you some of the work from our annual show. To view or purchase any of the work, please contact the artists directly.

Here is the work of one of our newer members, Carole Holcroft.

Artist:    Carole Holcroft
Website:  www.caroleholcroft.com
email:  carole@caroleholcroft.com

Color is the essence of landscapes, our moods and our perception of the physical and ethereal world.

With a “less is more” approach to my art, and through working in pure color via acrylic or pastel medium, I am influenced by artists of Color Field Painting, a style of abstract painting inspired by European modernism and closely related to abstract expressionism. Artists include Rothko, Matisse, Motherwell, Newman, Landfield, Louis and Davies.

My works  are typically of landscape imagery, ethereal interpretation, along with designs in shapes, stripes and simple geometric patterns.

Carole Holcroft

Studio at 19



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