In an endeavor to extend the reach of our annual show, we’ve decided to bring some of it to our blog. Over the course of several weeks, we’ll introduce you to our members and show you some of the work from our annual show. To view or purchase any of the work, please contact the artists directly.

To start out, here are the works of Ethel Hills

ARTIST:     Ethel Hills
Website:     ethelhills.wordpress.com
Email:         ethelhills@myfairpoint.net

We carry with us the memory of places we have known intimately, places where we felt safe, places where we felt joy or peace, all those special places whose remembrance can still elicit an emotional response even years later. This connection between landscape, emotion and memory is the basis for my paintings. The small-scale mixed media paintings that I now create reflect my passion for color, my semi-abstract take on the world and my use of landscape imagery. These elements contribute to my goal of producing paintings which remind the viewer of their own connections, their own memories, their own special places.                 Ethel Hills


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