Last week, Kate Zehnter, Mark Scholz, Kate Higley and I all braved heavy rain to set up the exhibit at UNH Law School . After we unpacked all the lovely paintings and started to get our bearings, things brightened considerably. Since most everything was all wrapped when we packed our cars Tuesday evening, it was a pleasant surprise to unwrap one brightly colored canvas after another. The show went together fairly well. This is a great hanging crew. We worked together well and the show looks great! It’s a wonderful combination of large and small, bright and soft, bold and subtle. And let me tell you, this is a great place to exhibit. Students and faculty started checking out the artwork as we were unwrapping. They seem to be really excited to see the newest exhibit go up. As I was packing up, there were already students standing in front of the work discussing the art.

Yesterday I went back to add one more painting and this time I remembered my camera. So here’s a quick tour of the exhibit. Please come to see the show in person. These photos don’t do justice to the beautiful artwork.

The exhibit of work by the Abstract Artists Group of New England will be up at the UNH Law School in Concord, NH until the end of October, with a reception on October 14th from 5 to 8 pm. There are 40 pieces by 16 artists from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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One thought on ““Driven to Abstraction” – Photos of our exhibit at UNH School of Law

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